Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When does a mom become a runner...a runner a marathoner...a marathoner a ??

So it started last week on a train ride home from DC, after a successful NF lobbying trip. I bought a running magazine, Marathon and Beyond, and was looking for the Great!! group photo of Run4NF group in Buffalo from last May.  I stumbled on an article written by a guy who did a 5 day run in Asia I think.  I was quite amused at the story, some of it I found a bit pretentious but the adventure I thought intriguing. Then the seed was planted, one left there by my friend Amy months ago, an ultra, it is time to consider an ultra.  A 50 mile run.  Now I call it a run because I will not race 50 miles.  I never even really race marathons.  I actually just race against my own past times.  But after 7 or so marathons I have now accepted that I can in fact run 26.2 miles.  Sometimes I do it better than other times, but I can do it.  I don't really know if I can run 50 miles and I have wondered for the past 2 days if I felt this way as I slowly committed to running my first marathon in 2005.  I know it is part of a process of making peace with the ugly training that lays ahead.  But as my friends and family have come to know about me...for I will try anything... running, biking,.. so this is the first of what I expect to be 9 months worth of blogging.  Not solely about running, but about NF too.  peace, debbi

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